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Talk About a Nightmare! Vegetarian Restaurant Diners Served Human Flesh!

Diners at a vegetarian restaurant in Bangkok were mortified when they found small pieces of minced meat in their entrees. We vegetarians take our meatless life seriously and this was a hard NO for the patrons so they alerted the local authorities. When the authorities arrived to do a check on the restaurant, they found the shock of their lives!

When they got into the restaurant's kitchen they found blood all over the walls and bits of human flesh on the floor!

"A further check of the premises revealed that the body of a 61-year-old man was dumped in a septic tank.

The disfigured victim was identified as Prasit Inpathom, a frequent patron of the eatery who was last seen having drinks there on Oct 21.

Inpathom usually visited the shop to drink with a relative of the shop’s owner.

“After he did not return home we came to check for him at the food shop, but it was closed,” one of Prasit’s relatives said.

According to reports, Prasit sustained grave injuries from a fight with the eatery's boss. He was hit in the head with a blunt object and had multiple knife wounds on his body.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the eatery's boss had attempted to dispose of the body by cooking and serving it to customers.

Police are now on the hunt for the suspect."

This is an absolutely horrible event and we send our condolences to this man's family.


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