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Talk About a "Sister Act"! Two Women Dressed as Nuns Rob a Bank in Jersey!

There's nothing more sacred to some than their religion. There's also nothing more sacrilegious than two women, pictured above, dressing as nuns and robbing a bank!

Melisa Aquino Arias, 24, of Passaic, New Jersey and Swahilys Pedraza-Rodriguez, 20, of New Haven, Connecticut donned their holy garb and entered a bank in Garfield, New Jersey.

"The pair were arrested about two weeks after the Garfield robbery, when they went to a Teaneck bank and asked about opening an account. An employee recognized them and called police. The FBI posted surveillance photos of the Pennsylvania heist on Twitter, showing the women in nun attire, with sunglasses and flashing handguns."

Each woman plead guilty to the offense in June and received their sentences just a few days ago. Arias received a 37-month-sentence while Pedraza-Rodriguez, her accomplice, received only a 15-month-sentence. The both faced 41 years but were granted leaner sentences.

This definitely goes down in the books as one of the most unusual disguises we've ever seen!


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