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Broke Where? Tisha Campbell-Martin Claims Her Ex Can Pay Spousal Support. His Shirts are $750K!

Ooooh weee divorces can be messy! Actress Tisha Campbell-Martin filed for divorce from her husband of 20+ years a little while ago and the ink still isn't dry!

Tisha accused her ex, actor Duane Martin, of hiding money during the marriage that forced the couple, and their children, on hard times. Now, according to the snoops over at TMZ, Tisha has proof that Duane can pay the spousal support that she's asking for! Want to know how she knows he can afford it? Keep reading!

"(Tisha) says he has more than 500 shirts that cost $1,500 a piece ... totaling a whopping $750k! Tisha says she knows this because Duane made a video bragging about it.

In docs, Tisha says she has $1.5 million in assets but right now doesn't have a steady source of income, and that's why she's asking for spousal support. She says her monthly expenses total at least $33k per month, and estimates Duane makes around $62k per month."

Looks like Duane needs to sell a few shirts and cough over the cash!

It's always such a shame when a marriage ends, UNLESS there's been some sort of cheating or abuse. These two used to be #GOALS! It just goes to show, every smiling face isn't always happy!

Hopefully these two can get all of this settled quickly and still remain civil for the sake of their two children.


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