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Remember the Time: #BBQBecky is Back! The Full 911 Call Audio is Now Available! [LISTEN]

Quite a few months ago we posted the story about how one woman, who decided to NOT mind her business, called the cops on a family who were having a cook out. That incident ignited an entire movement of folks not minding their business and being DRAGGED around the internet like Linus drags his blanket. . . EVERYWHERE! That woman's photo was placed in memes, movie scenes and collages more than "Where's Waldo".

If you need a refresher on the incident, here you go!

Now, the other side of the story has come to light thanks to recently released 911 audio. We FINALLY get to hear what the 911 Operator was saying, and exactly what she was mumbling when we couldn't hear. Take a listen.

The call audio really makes the situation even more pathetic! In my opinion, people who call the police on citizens who ARE NOT breaking any laws need to be prosecuted! Maybe then, all of this foolishness will stop!


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