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Lost Files! Cardi B as Coretta Scott King in "Real Housewives of Civil Rights". [WATCH]

Lord the things we do before we're famous! Cardi B was trying her hand at everything to get rid of the pole and acting was one of them. In this old skit, dug up by TMZ, Cardi portrays Coretta Scott King in a "Real Housewives" parody. Also featured are Rosa parks and the wives of Jesse Jackson and Malcolm X.

It's certainly cringy and our girl has DEFINITELY gotten better at acting since then! The clip is shady and references Martin Luther King Jr.'s infidelity rumors. Watch at your own risk.

We're so glad Cardi B made it as a rapper because this, right here, was NOT for her. Love you girl!


Cardi reached out to Martin Luther King Jr.'s daughter, Rev. Bernice King, to apologize for the skit.


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