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Cardi B's VMA Blanket Reveal Rubbed Her Hubby the Wrong Way!

Last night Cardi B opened up the MTV Video Music Awards with a surprising welcome! The "Moneybag" mami took the stage in a hot pink gown cradling a pink baby blanket. The entire audience thought that Cardi was going to debut her newborn daughter, Kulture, and they were literally sitting on the edge of their seats.

Imagine their surprise when Cardi pulled a "Moon man" statue out of the blanket! Still smiling from the applause, Cardi went on to welcome everyone to the VMAs and left the stage. If you want to see the entire reveal, click here.

Cardi may have been in on the surprise but her husband, Offset, sure wasn't! Evidently it went down later that evening when he told her he was "mad" at her for showing up on stage with, what he thought, was their 6-week-old baby!

Fans haven't seen baby Kulture Kiari Cephus and it's not from lack of begging. Cardi does often post on Instagram while she's holding the baby girl and she can be heard cooing in the background.

We know it's all love and even though she's a jokester, he's not BIG mad. Well played Cardi!


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