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Lebron James Opens the "iPromise School" in His Hometown Akron, Ohio. First Look! [WATCH]

Lebron James is giving back once again. The All-Star player has always taken care of home, giving to children in need, visiting the sick and donating to several charitable causes. Now, he's taken his influence to an even higher height. Education!

James has secured the educational bag for children in Akron, Ohio who need a second chance with his new "iPromise School". James expressed his feelings about the new venture via Twitter saying:

James is, and will forever be, a hometown man who became a legend among his people. The school is geared to help those children who have struggled with a traditional school setting. Children who need a little extra confidence and help. Take a look at the inside.

Congratulations Lebron! The city of Akron definitely appreciates your support!

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