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ICYMI: T'Challa Kills on "Black Jeopardy" and Cardi B Performed on SNL!

Saturday Night Live absolutely killed the television game this weekend and, for those of you who missed it, or just want to see it again, we have it! The guest host was none other than Chadwick "T'Challa the Black Panther" Boseman and the musical guest was Cardi B. I knew this was going to be epic just from the line up but dear gawd I never thought it would be this funny!

The entire show was amazing but, the most memorable moments came from T'Challa being a guest on "Black Jeopardy" and Cardi B's pregnancy announcement. Catch up in the videos below!

"Black Jeopardy"

Cardi B's first performance of "Bodak Yellow" and "Bartier Cardi".

Cardi B's performance of "Be Careful". Hey Baby Bardi!

We've previously reported that Cardi B was pregnant but nothing had been confirmed until now. Congratulations Cardi and Offset!

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