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HBO Releases the Trailer for "Fahrenheit 451" Starring Michael B. Jordan. [WATCH]

As if Michael B. Jordan couldn't get any hotter right now, HBO just released the trailer for the film "Fahrenheit 451" and it's definitely full of flames. Jordan is still burning up the big screen with the blockbuster, record setting film "Black Panther" and he's not poised to slow down just yet. Burn baby burn!

"There’s no specific release date yet for HBO’s Fahrenheit 451, an adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s 1953 novel about a future dystopia where books are illegal, and “firemen” are special operatives who find them and burn them. But the network has just released the first full trailer for the film. With Black Panther still setting box office records, the timing is just right: Fahrenheit 451 stars Michael B. Jordan, currently on-screen as Black Panther’s memorable, celebrated villain Erik Killmonger, and his role in the new film channels a similar mesmerizing ferocity and idealism. Jordan plays protagonist Guy Montag, a dedicated fireman who begins to have doubts about his profession, and about the government that has outlawed books as inherently dangerous because they preserve and communicate ideas."

If you read the book "Fahrenheit 451" then this film will absolutely be living up to the narrative with a little more edge. I can't wait to see it. . .hopefully Michael B. Jordan has a few scenes with his shirt off again. A girl can dream can't she?

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