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In The Midst of a Divorce, Jill Scott Still has Time for Love.

In the wake of her messy divorce proceedings, Jill Scott took a little time off of the battle field to release a brand new project for lovers. The "You Love Me" singer took to her Instagram to let all of the couples, and hopefuls, know about her new line of greeting cards! She posted this photo with the caption:

"It’s time to say hello to love and YES to romance with cards from the Hallmark Mahogany @MissJillScott Valentine’s Day Collection. Tag someone who makes your heart skip a beat. #JillScott#BlackLove #hallmarkmahogany"

If you've ever heard any of Jill's poetry, then you already know that these cards are going to be a hit! Jill may be unlucky in love but she's definitely a lyrical beast when it comes to writing about it. The cards are available on and on Amazon.

I don't know about you but I'll be grabbing a few of these next week!

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