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Fantasia Shares Her Little Brother's Progress After Life Threatening Accident. [VIDEO]

In early September of this year Fantasia's little brother, Xavier Barrino was in a horrible motorcycle accident that almost cost him his life. The youngest Barrino sibling was left with a broken pelvis, a broken arm, shoulder and foot, fractures in his back and both of his legs were broken. To say that the family was praying for a miracle would be an understatement.

After the accident, Fantasia posted a prayer request, detailing his injuries and then adding:

"On Breathing Tube and more but STILL HERE!! You can’t tell me the Father can’t do it. This lil Guy is a fighter and After 6 surgeries and a lot more to go he is still kicking it.

We have a Long road ahead of us but the Father walks before us and we follow him @riccobarrino & @vh1teenybarrino said he’s going to come out singing a new song and they are taking him in the Lab to share his testimony Thanks for your continued prayers you guys for @xavierbarrino keep my Mother Lifted hard for a Mother to see."

Xavier's progress has been indeed slow, but steady and today, Fantasia gave the world a little peek at his progress. She posted the videos to both of their social media pages with the caption:

"This Journey has been Hard and Long for my Family. God spared his life and he has come a Long Way🙏🏾 @xavierbarrino you are the strongest person I know."

He's made some amazing progress and let's pray he continues.

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