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LaTavia Roberson, Formerly of Destiny's Child, Speaks Out on Love, Heartbreaking Loss and Mathew

Whenever I hear anything about LaTavia Roberson it's always some "Bitter Becky" gossip and I can say, it's really good to hear her clear the air and set the record straight. In an interview with the ladies of "Sister Circle" she opened up about attending LeToya Luckett's wedding earlier this month. Roberson admitted that the nuptials were so beautiful that she cried almost the entire time. When asked about dealing with Mathew Knowles, Beyonce's father and former manager of Destiny's Child, Roberson kept it pretty cute saying "If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it's a duck!" She went on to say that clearly her being let go from the group was not in vain because shortly thereafter, Mathew was let go too "so, it can't be that I was crazy."

The interview was primarily to promote her latest project, a book, entitled "I Am LaTavia" but the ladies also spoke about Roberson's recent losses and her healing process. In 2016 Roberson suffered a stillbirth and she admits that the grieving process hasn't been super easy. Her child was cremated and she wears her ashes in an urn necklace around her neck at all times "to keep her with me." She admits that finally being able to speak about the stillbirth publicly has helped her healing process.

I searched all over for the release date for her book and couldn't find it anywhere so, I guess we'll have to just keep our ears to the ground or eyes on her Instagram page for more promos! Good luck LaTavia!

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