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Eminem Releases the Official Video for "Walk on Water" Featuring Beyonce! [WATCH]

Eminem has been putting out some thought provoking content lately and this video just adds to the pile.

It's definitely a manic look inside his mind, writing process and possibly some personal demons and the only thing that could have made it better would have been an actual cameo of Beyonce. I know the woman is busy, probably planning a sneak attack album like she did after she had Blue Ivy, but even a picture with some animated lips would have been cool. I get it, it's his vision and this is probably the way the creative director and Eminem wanted to go.

Check out "Walk on Water" below!

I seriously want to know how they got him frozen under water? Did they do the whole scene with good editing or did they actually film him that way? It's a pretty good video but, as always, I have questions. What did you find most interesting about "Walk on Water"? Let's chat about it in the comments.

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