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Play or Pass: Ed Sheeran Releases the "Perfect" Duet with Beyonce! [LISTEN]

Ed Sheeran has already be established as a well accomplished singer/songwriter with his song "Shape of You", actually credited to Kandi Burress and Tiny Cottell of XScape, but he decided to up his stakes with "Perfect". How can you make a "Perfect" song even better, add Beyonce'! Take a listen to "Perfect" below.

Are you feeling this new track? To me, it sounds like a new age wedding reception song and would have been good had either artist recorded it solo. It kind of reminds me of Eric Clapton's "You Look Wonderful Tonight" in certain parts but I'll take it. I like the fact that Beyonce' is branching out and recording with artists who aren't all in the R&B or pop category. What are your thoughts on this new song? Play or Pass?

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