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Fantasia Teases New Holiday Album! [LISTEN]

Listen, I absolutely LOVE Fantasia! I love her both as a person with an incredible story and as an artist. She's easily in my top ten and if anybody can get me to listen to holiday music two months ahead of time, she's the one to do it!

Dressed in red, Mrs. Taylor dropped a jewel for us earlier today when she gave us another snippet of her upcoming holiday album titled "Christmas After Midnight" which is due to hit shelves this Friday. Enough of my words, get into her rendition of "Baby it's Cold Outside" with CeeLo Green!

Fantasia also sings "Hallelujah" which is another personal favorite that she dedicated to her brother Xavier who is fighting an illness in the hospital!

And what would a holiday album be without "This Christmas" sang only the way that my girl Fantasia can sing it?

My pre-order is already in! Will you be grabbing this one to play while you deck your halls or nah? Lets discuss it in the comments below!

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