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We See You Rihanna. . .

Picture courtesy of Bossip

Rihanna showed up to the movie premiere of her new film Valerian and set tongues wagging honey! Yes, she's beautiful! Yes, the color red looks good on her! Yes, to the simple hairdo that made you focus more on her features than anything else but. . . sis. . . we need to ask a question.

While I'm not one to body-shame or mock anyone's figure. The internet has been buzzing for weeks about her new figure. I actually like the added pounds on her and I think they make her look more womanly. I'm probably one of the few people who think that the weight gain is from good livin' and newly found love while the rest of the world thinks our girl is pregnant.

The full length picture only adds fuel to the rumor flame!

Could she possibly be hiding a baby bump under there? She could. Could she be hiding the result of a burger? She could! What do you think?

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