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Brandy Provides PROOF She's NOT Pregnant! [VIDEO]

We all know sometimes friends can be messy and thirsty *cough* ex *cough* friends can be even worse! A few weeks back rumors began swirling when Brandy's friend Countess Vaugh hopped on her Instagram post and congratulated her on her new "baby". I'll admit, the picture was from a suspicious angle and even had me on "Bump Watch"!

Shortly after the picture was posted and the comment got it's 15 minutes of fame through numerous screenshots, Brandy fell ill on a plane and had to be hospitalized. This added even more fuel to the pregnancy flames and set internet tongues wagging, even mine! Well, Brandy is apparently feeling better and back on the block to shut down rumors that she's carrying another baby!

Get into the receipts below then join me in the comments for a chat!

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