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Exes Find Out If Walking Away When You're Not Ready Can Lead to Love Again in "Another Christmas"!

We're with the crew that just slides from Halloween right into Christmas movies and it shows!! We've got a new movie on right now and it's so relatable it's scary! Plenty of us know, either first or second hand, someone who got put on "ice" by their significant other. Everyone has heard of someone saying "It's not working out" or "I'm just not ready" and the dreaded "It's not you, it's me". Well "Another Christmas" follows the story of one successful teacher, a baseball player, a family Christmas weekend and how reminiscing sometimes leads you back to the one that got away.

Written and directed by Stacie Davis (Christmas in Carolina), this sweet holiday romance about embracing love is sure to ignite the Christmas spirit in everyone. Starring Ryan Toby (Sister Act 2, member of 2000’s pop sensation City High), Malik Brazile (AKA YouTube star LEEK, “Insecure”), and Sheena Faust (Why Am I Still Single?).

Check out the synopsis and trailer.

Kelly Brooks (Sheena Faust) is an elementary school teacher who gave up on love until her childhood friend, Andrew (Malik Brazile), a professional baseball player returns home and invites Kelly to spend Christmas with his family. Although reluctant to attend a Christmas party after remembering how things ended with Andrew, she soon realizes she still has feelings for him.

I got a chance to sit down with the film's stars and, I must say, the chemistry is very much the same off camera as it is on! Malik Brazile and Sheena Faust are two of the friendliest actors you'll ever meet. The film, they told me, was shot in just seven days in lovely Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Faust describes the shoot as "seamless" and, because of the cast doing weekly zoom meetings, they were all bonded as friends before the cameras started rolling.

Brazile credits the films writer and director Stacie Davis for making sure that everything was authentic and true to their characters even bringing in an expert to help him look and feel more like a baseball player.

“It was a pleasure to work with a talented cast and production team,” says writer/ director, Stacie Davis. “I hope when viewers watch Another Christmas that it brings smiles to everyone's faces this holiday season.”

"Another Christmas" will premiere exclusively on Roku just in time for the holiday season on November 1, 2022


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