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"Sweetie Pie's" James "Tim" Norman Pleads "Not Guilty" to Murder-f

The case against James "Tim" Norman is slowly but surely moving along. The "Sweetie Pie's" reality television star came under fire late in the summer after an FBI investigation accused him of hiring a hit man to have his nephew murdered. Norman, along with his friend Terica Ellis and Waiel Rebhi Yaghnam, his insurance agent, were federally indicted in August after police and prosecutors said they conspired to have Andre Montgomery, Norman's 21-year-old nephew, killed to collect a $450,000 life insurance policy.

Norman has maintained his innocence no matter how much evidence has been stacked against him. Ellis has said that Norman promised her a portion of the insurance money for helping to murder Montgomery. According to court documents, in 2014, Norman obtained a $450,000 life insurance policy on his nephew, Andre Montgomery, on which Norman was the sole beneficiary. In the days leading up to Montgomery’s murder, Ellis communicated with Montgomery and informed him that she was planning to be in St. Louis.

The day Montgomery (above) died, Norman and Ellis bought and activated temporary cellphones at the same store and then communicated on them all day. Court documents said Ellis also used the cellphone to communicate with Montgomery and learn where he was for the purpose of luring him outside.

Immediately after learning Montgomery’s location, Ellis placed a call to Norman.

Montgomery was shot and killed in the 3900 block of Natural Bridge Avenue on March 14, 2016.

Norman has since been charged with conspiracy to use interstate commerce facilities in the commission of a murder-for-hire plot – which is punishable by life in prison or the death penalty.

Norman plead not guilty to his portion of the charges in court earlier today. Federal prosecutors said that no decision had been made on whether to seek the death penalty and also argued Norman should remain incarcerated without bond.

Norman’s attorney, John Rogers, argued his client would live with his mother should he be released on bond, and that he has two children who have access to St. Louis to visit him. He added that Norman has more than 20 family members who live in the St. Louis area and his contacts in Texas and Mississippi have to do with Sweetie Pies.

There have been many who've speculated that Norman could possibly have had his sights on having his mother killed for money too but, those claims were quickly dashed by another insider who contacted us directly. The woman, who lives in St. Louis, says that she talks to "to Tim and Robbie everyday, and all this sh*t is a lie." She also claimed that the previous source who said Norman may have been planning to kill his mother was lying as well. She claimed to know the truth because she was close to the family and spoke with Norman daily, even providing proof that she'd spoken to him while he was incarcerated.

We wish none of this had ever happened to Miss Robbie and her family.


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