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Straight Outta The Chi! Missing Chicago Teen Shows Up in the ER After FIVE Years!

If you're a watcher of the Showtime series "The Chi" then you'll know that they recently covered the story of a missing teen. One of the main characters, Keisha, was abducted by a guy in the neighborhood who held her in a room in his basement. Unlike this case, it wasn't years before Keisha was seen again.

Nicole Mahon was 15-years-old when she was reported missing in 2015. At the time her family thought that she may have been in the company of a male companion but they weren't for sure.

In June of this year the Chicago Police Department released an updated statement saying that Mahon may be in need of medical attention. Where that tip came from? Nobody knows BUT, we do know they were right.

Just last night Mahon, now 20, showed up in the emergency room at St. Bernard Hospital in Englewood for medical treatment. As of right now there is no word on what is ailing Mahon or exactly where she's been.

No details have been released yet on if she was accompanied by anyone or if she's been reunited with her family. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.

This is one case that encourages parents of missing children to keep hope alive. We're praying that Mahon gets the medical care she needs and reunites with her family.


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