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Estranged Husband Shot and Killed Trying to Break Into the "Safe House" His Ex-Wife was Hi

A Florida man is dead today after forcing his way into the home of a family he thought was harboring his ex-wife.

55-year-old Ronald Fleet burst into the Land O' Lakes, Florida home Saturday afternoon, armed with a gun, and was met by the homeowner who was also armed.

Fleet kicked in the door and rushed toward the homeowner, firing shots. The homeowner fired back.

"He was defending himself and his family," Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said. "Any loss of life is tragic, but the victim was utilizing his Second Amendment rights to protect himself and his family from the fear of Ronald who was carrying a gun, kicking in a door, trying to harm them.

"I can't imagine the fear that they were going through, but I'm very happy the fact that he was able to defend himself and his actions."

The family living in the Sunset Lakes subdivision were helping Fleet's ex-wife as she struggled with what is being called a "horrific" divorce.

This isn't the first time Fleet has been violent. Reports say that he has prior arrests for domestic violence and driving under the influence.

An emergency medical team was called to the home and Fleet was pronounced dead at the scene.

No one else was hurt.


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