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12-Year-Old Boy Shoots His Caregiver and Blames it on Someone Else.

A 12-year-old boy from Houston, Texas has been charged with murder after shooting his caretaker to death.

Reports say that 50-year-old Sharon D. Hawkins was found dead on her bedroom floor Saturday, July 25 around 4:40 p.m. Responding officers called in the emergency medical team who pronounced Hawkins dead at the scene.

The boy was initially believed to be a witness to the murder was subsequently arrested after his interview proved him to be the suspected killer. He had originally told authorities that the murderer was an unknown person who came into their apartment dressed in all black but changed his story multiple times.

The relationship between Hawkins and the boy hasn't been released but neighbors at their apartment building say that she was taking care of the boy and his brother.

Via ABC13:

Sharon was a mother of three and a grandmother to one. Her sons told us she never missed a day of work as a security guard, and always provided for them. They try to focus on the good. "I remember times when we were in the kitchen cooking -- Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years," recalled her son, Andre Hawkins. "She was the best mother." "I just feel she's in a better place," said Javoris Hawkins, another of Sharon's sons. "There's no more suffering for her. I really just miss her a lot." In addition to murder, the boy is also charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Due to the boy's age, his name has not been released. As of this posting, there has been no motive for the murder mentioned.


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