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Georgia Mother Charged with Murder After Dropping Her Baby During a Fight!

A Georgia mother has been charged with murder after dropping her own infant during a fight. Karen Lashun Harrison, 26, faces a battery of charges such as felony murder, first degree cruelty to children, second degree cruelty to children, simple battery and affray. Harrison's 3-month-old baby died from injuries suffered during a fight that she instigated outside of a beauty supply store last Friday.

According to WTXL Harrison took the child to the hospital the day after the fight but told hospital staff that the baby had fallen out of a friends arms at home! Family friend, Carneata Clark's arms, corroborated the story and was charged with false statements and obstruction of an officer.

It wasn't until the police pressed for more details that they learned about the fight the day before. They were able to verify the story when they visited Thomas Beauty Supply and view their surveillance footage.

We must warn you, the footage is hard to watch.

The other woman involved in the fight hasn't been identified and is facing no charges. Harrison and Clark are being held in jail. The baby boy's body is pending an autopsy to pinpoint the cause of his death.

At this moment there has been no word on what caused the fight or how the two women involved even knew each other. We can only assume a motive at this point.

This is absolutely disgusting and this baby did NOT have to die because adults couldn't control their emotions. However, a mother being charged for her child's death is nothing new. Just last month a mother in Alabama was charged with homicide after being shot during an altercation that caused her unborn baby to die.

We really have to learn a better way to solve disputes.


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