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SAY WHAAAAT?!?! How Could He Miss That? Semi Driver Pushes Mercedes Down the Highway! [WATCH]

I know there have been times when we've all been driving and didn't really see the car in the lane next to us. I completely get blind spots! Trust me, I do. I've come way too close to sitting in someone's lap when merging onto the freeway and not seeing the car in the lane next to me. I get all of that BUT what I'm having a hard time understanding is how in the world the driver of a semi didn't notice he was pushing a sports car down the highway?

And yes, it was caught on video!

Via Kens5:

"Adrian Lopez, a witness, was able to record footage of the incident: a car being PUSHED by what appears to be a dump truck while throttling down Interstate 35."

Take a look!

"According to Lopez, the driver of the Mercedes, shown in a series of videos posted to Facebook and shared more than 2,000 times in less than two hours, was attempting to merge onto I-35 into the same lane an 18-wheeler truck was traveling in.

Lopez said the driver of the Mercedes must not have seen the truck, because he cut him off, and his car was plowed down within moments."

There hasn't been any word on what happened after this epic game of bumper cars but I know one thing's for sure, somebody's insurance just went up!


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