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Tiffany Haddish's Ex-Husband Lawyers Up for a Defamation Battle but, We've Seen The Restrain

If you've read, or heard, Tiffany Haddish's book "The Last Black Unicorn" then you know all about her trials and tribulations during her marriage to "Ex-Husband". If you didn't, here's the breakdown. Haddish married a man, whom she refers to as "Ex-Husband" in her book, who was extremely controlling and abusive. In the book she details numerous accounts of physical abuse and one incident where she was beaten, locked in a room for 24 hours and suffered a miscarriage. She doesn't name the "Ex-Husband" in the book because, as she stated, "it don't matter". Well, evidently it matters now.

In recent developments Haddish's ex-husband, now known to be William Stewart, is preparing to sue her for defamation. Stewart claims that he never abused her and that he never caused her to lose her unborn baby. HOWEVER, a July 2011 restraining order, found by RadarOnline, does support Haddish's abuse claims. In the restraining order the couple are listed as married, living together and that Haddish requested physical control of a Corvette.

The 2011 document also details an account of abuse, that has to be from one of the abuse sections in the book, where Stewart struck Haddish twice in the head causing injury and strangling her "against a wall". If you've read the book you'll know about the incident that happened in the hotel in Montreal Canada. This account is detailed in the restraining order with Haddish saying "he choked me in the stair way" and "he has some very strong hands."

Also included in the documents are the dissolution of marriage files dated June 29, 2011. In the dissolution document Haddish sites the reason for the request saying "he body slammed me on the ground and choked me." With these legal documents to back up her claims, I'm not sure Mr. Stewart has much of a leg to stand on. At this time he's hired a high-powered lawyer, who is also representing Russell Simmons in his current sexual assault allegations, and he's prepping for a defense.

Let's hope and pray this works out well for our girl!

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