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Toddler in Mexico Wakes Up at Her Funeral Before Being Pronounced Dead Again. Mom Demands Answers!

In a crazy turn of events, a little girl from Mexico has been pronounced dead TWICE!

On August 17, Camila Roxana Martinez Mendoza, who's only 3-years-old, was was experiencing stomach pains, vomiting and fever when her mother, Mary Jane Mendoza, took her to see a pediatrician in the family’s hometown of Villa de Ramos.

The doctors there felt as if the child needed additional care that they could not provide so they sent her to a different, more advanced, hospital in the central Mexican state of San Luis Potosí to be treated for dehydration.

Doctors at Salinas de Hidalgo Basic Community Hospital placed a cold towel over her little body to lower her body temperature and placed a pulse oximeter on one of her fingers to keep track of her oxygen levels.

According to the New York Post, Camila was released from the hospital with a prescription for paracetamol — which treats pain and fever — but continued to deteriorate as the day continued. She was seen by another doctor who instructed her mother to feed her fruits and water and prescribed a different medication.

Despite the medications and advice from medical experts, the toddler continued vomiting. Her worried parents took her to see another doctor, who suggested she be rushed to the emergency room.

Camila was readmitted to Salinas between 9 and 10 p.m., and doctors worked to help the young girl.

“They wanted to give her (intravenous therapy). They took a long time to put oxygen on her,” her mother said. “They didn’t put it on her because they couldn’t find her little veins; finally, a nurse managed it.”

Reports say that the child was only on IV fluids for about ten minutes. Her mother was separated from her and placed in a locked room after being told that she had to let her baby "rest in peace". Well, that didn't stop her from trying to reach her child. Mendoza escaped from her room but still wasn't able to get to her daughter.

Hours later, she was told that her daughter was dead. The cause of death? Dehydration.

Now, here's where things get even more interesting.

The next day, a funeral viewing was held for friends and family to mourn the beloved toddler when Mendoza noticed the glass window of the coffin fogging up.

Other funeral attendees told the distraught mother that she must be hallucinating and dissuaded her from opening the coffin. However, Camila’s paternal grandmother reportedly rushed to take a closer look when she noticed Camila’s eyes moving and shockingly discovered she had a pulse.

Camila was rushed back to the hospital in Salinas and further attempts to revive her failed. She was pronounced dead, again, this time with the cause of death being listed as cerebral edema (brain swelling).

“That was really where my baby was done. We are devastated because my girl was a very happy person, she got along with everyone, she didn’t single anyone out,” Mendoza said. “We have many people on the ranch who support us because she was cherished.”

The first death certificate obtained by her parents listed Camila’s cause of death as just dehydration, while the second noted dehydration, cerebral edema and metabolic failure.

“What I really want is for justice to be served. I have no grudge against the doctors [who] went to extreme [measures],” she said. “I only ask that the doctors, nurses and directors be changed so that it does not happen again.”

The heartbreaking case is being investigated by the San Luis Potosí State Attorney General Jose Luis Ruiz, who confirmed that an autopsy is underway.

The family was planning to send Camila to her first day of kindergarten this week.

This has to be both heartbreaking and traumatizing for Camila's family and entire community! it seems that almost every single medical professional failed this child and her mother.


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