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Three Dead in Murder-Suicide that Resulted from an Argument Over Snow Shoveling!

An unneighborly dispute over snow shoveling has left three Pennsylvania residents dead. According to reports, a Plains Township couple were shoveling their driveway, possibly even using a plow attached to a truck, and in doing so, they pushed the snow onto their neighbors side of the street. Other neighbors say that there had been an ongoing feud between the two sets of neighbors about their snow removal and disposal. This lead to the argument, which lead to their murder.

The victims, James Goy, 50, and his wife Lisa Goy, 48, were outside their home at 13 W. Bergh St. shoveling snow when neighbor Jeffrey Spaide, 47, of 6 W. Bergh St., came outside with a pistol and opened fire, killing them both, police said.

After killing the Goys, Spaide then went back inside his home, grabbed an AR-15, came back outside and shot them again. Their 15-year-old son was at home during the shooting but, thankfully, did not come outside. Just as the police pulled up to the scene Spaide pulled out a third gun and shot himself.

Spaide, who lived alone, had taken the life of his neighbors over something as petty as snow. . .

The Goys son is said to be staying with his grandparents.

The Pennsylvania State Police Forensic Services Unit remained on the scene Monday afternoon collecting evidence as the investigation continued. This case, since it doesn't involve any other party, is being tagged as a murder-suicide and is now closed.

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