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Oklahoma Father who Live-streamed the Murder of His Three Children, and His Own Suicide, Identified.

An Oklahoma father has killed himself, and his three young children, while on a live-streamed video. According to police reports 29-year-old Francoise Littlejohn was on Facebook Live ranting and accusing the children's mother of cheating on him and giving him an STD. Littlejohn then threatened the lives of the children and said that he would take his own life as well.

The Oklahoman reports that Littlejohn ended the video before taking the lives of his children and himself, Oklahoma City police Master Sgt. Gary Knight said Monday.

Officers were sent initially to Littlejohn's home in northwest Oklahoma City to conduct a welfare check on the family, around 4:30 am after multiple people alerted them about the video. They then began a broader search to locate the missing children, Knight said.

The vehicle with the bodies of Littlejohn and his children was found parked in the 11300 block of Treemont Lane around 7:30am, according to police.

A surveillance video later reviewed by detectives showed that Littlejohn's car arrived there, part of a neighborhood north of W Hefner Road between North Council and County Line Roads, at 4:11 a.m.

The children have been identified as Kyren (6), Aliyah (4) and Trinity Littlejohn who is just 3-years-old. Their mother, and the rest of their loved ones, are in our prayers.

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