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Ohio Uber Driver Shot and Killed While Picking Up a Package. Turns Out She, and the Gunman, Fell Victim to Scammers!

An Uber driver in South Charleston, Ohio was shot and killed last month after attempting to pick up a package at a home. A home where a man had been receiving scam calls all morning by someone who claimed to have a frantic emergency. Here's what happened according to NBC.

William Brock, 81, faces a felony charge of murder with additional counts possible, according to the Clark County Sheriff’s Office. Investigators accused him of shooting Lo-Letha Hall multiple times on March 25 after she went to his house on an Uber assignment.

Investigators first came to Brock’s property, about four miles west of South Charleston in Clark County, when he called them and said he shot someone attempting a robbery. The sheriff’s office said when deputies and multiple other agencies arrived, they found Hall on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds, and Brock with injuries to his head and an ear.

Earlier, a male scammer had called Brock and told him one of his relatives was in jail. The scammer then threatened the 81-year-old man and demanded money. Simultaneously, that same scammer or an accomplice placed an order on the Uber app for Hall to pick up a package for delivery from Brock’s property. She wasn’t aware of the calls Brock had received when she arrived at his home, according to investigators.

Hall, who was unarmed, simply showed up to the address like she was instructed and went to the door to inquire about the package she was to retrieve. That's when Brock brandished his revolver and walked her back toward her vehicle. He held her at gunpoint, demanding to know the names of the people who sent her, and even took her cellphone to prevent her from calling for help.

When Hall attempted to get in her car and leave, Brock shot her. They struggled and she shot her two more times. Afterwards, as she lay dying, Brock called 911. The entire ordeal was captured on Hall's dashcam. That footage has just been released and we will warn you, it is disturbing.

Deputies arrested Brock on the murder charge because they said Hall did not present any active threat during the encounter, nor did Brock try to summon help during their interaction.

Authorities are now investigating the scam call that Brock received as well as the connection to the Uber request. They are looking to hold the individual, and any accomplices they have, who made the call responsible as well.

Records from Clark County Municipal Court showed Brock pleaded not guilty to the murder charge in a Wednesday arraignment hearing. If convicted, he faces up to a $15,000 fine and between 15 years to life in prison.

After the arraignment hearing, Brock posted a bond set at $200,000. Records showed his next court date would be a preliminary hearing on April 22.

Hall's funeral was held earlier this month and, according to her obituary, she was a beloved Columbus native and was only 61 years-old.


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