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Guy Johnson, the Only Child of Renowned Poet Maya Angelou, has Died at the Age of 77.

If you know anything about Maya Angelou, or ever read any of her autobiographical work, then you know she absolutely adored her son Guy.

Guy Johnson, Angelou's only child, was born to the famed poet when she was just a teenage and she once said in an interview that her "greatest blessing was the birth" of her son. The two shared a very close relationship throughout her their lives and they were only separated by her death in 2014. Now, the mother and son duo have been reunited in the afterlife.

News of Johnson's death was first made from Angelou's official social media account saying:

“Mr. Guy Johnson passed away peacefully at his home this morning in Oakland, California,” the statement read. “Arrangements will be made and announced in the coming days.”

Johnson was instrumental in his mother being depicted on coins in the United States with her arms lifted toward the sky. He is quoted as saying “One of the reasons I chose that image is, first off, I know how difficult it is to capture the actual essence and animus of a human being on a metal coin, and I thought that picture with the bird behind her, the wings and her arms out gave some sense of the style that she had, the grace that she had,” said Johnson, who was himself a poet.

When he was asked at one time what it was like growing up in the “shadow” of his beloved parent, he replied, “I didn’t. I grew up in her light. Sometimes I wasn’t worthy of it, but it has always been an experience that expanded me.”

Guy Johnson, leaves behind a wife, Stephanie Floyd-Johnson and two sons. Colin Ashanti Murphy-Johnson, Elliott Jones. Johnson was 77.

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