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Florida Postal Worker Dies After Being Mauled by Dogs When the Mail Truck Broke Down on Her Route.

There are some people who do jobs that, although necessary for day to day life, we often don't think of. Mail carriers are one of those professions that doesn't get enough recognition although they do their job rain or shine. Literally. While most people think that being a mail carrier is just walking around all day delivering bills and packages, the job is actually quite dangerous. There are suspicious packages, hazardous sidewalks and also the dangers of aggressive animals.

One Florida family is now living in the aftermath of these work related hazards.

Pamela Jane Rock, a 61-year-old postal worker in Florida, has died after being mauled by almost a half dozen dogs on her route.

NBC News reports that Rock died at a hospital Monday night, the day after the vicious attack, which a neighbor tried to stop by firing into the air, sheriff’s Col. Joseph Wells said Tuesday at a news conference.

"One neighbor brought his firearm along and fired several shots in the air in an attempt to disrupt the attack," Wells said. "That was unsuccessful."

Neighbors and the dogs' owner pulled the animals off Rock after they heard her scream, he said. The animals were seized and will be euthanized. Additional details about the dogs, including size or breed, were not provided.

Rock's niece told NBC affiliate WTLV of Jacksonville that Rock had recently completed training with the Postal Service and was in a postal vehicle when it broke down Sunday in a neighborhood about 65 miles south of Jacksonville.

She said that her aunt was horrifically wounded and that doctors amputated an arm in their attempt to save her.

According to reports this is not the first time that there have been calls about these particular dogs. Animal control officials had visited the dogs' home at least twice in the last three years, Wells said.

Neighbors in the area have said that the dogs have been running loose, off and on, for weeks.

Rock’s niece said she needs answers to questions, such as why so many vicious dogs were able to attack someone without initial intervention.

Authorities believe the animals had been properly secured but were able to remove rocks that lined the bottom of a fence to escape.

The dogs had not been deemed dangerous by animal control, Wells said, and the owner has cooperated with deputies.

He said a local statute states that owners may be liable if they knew their dogs are dangerous but fail to "exercise due caution."

The Postal Service mourned the loss Tuesday night. "A postal family member lost her life in a dog bite attack," the agency said in a prepared statement. "The U.S. Postal Service is deeply saddened at the loss of our employee. Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and her co-workers at this time."

Our prayers are with Rock's family and loved ones.


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