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Colorado Teen Found Shot, Stabbed and Beaten to Death at an Area Recreation Center.

Most parents think that recreation centers are safe for their children to hang out at. One would think that there would be no reason to accompany a teen at a place that's supposed to be a safe haven, however, a Colorado family found out otherwise.

Colorado authorities report that the body of a 14-year-old boy was found dead at a recreation center in southwest Denver.

According to the Denver Channel, the teen died of a gunshot wound, multiple stab wounds and blunt force injuries, the office of the medical examiner said Thursday.

Josiaz “JoJo” Aragon, who would have turned 15 on Wednesday, was found dead near a baseball field at the rec center at 9200 West Saratoga Place, in southwest Denver, around 1:15 p.m. Monday, police said Wednesday.

A Denver Police Department spokesperson said on Wednesday that officers found trauma on Aragon’s body but said he would not elaborate. He said the Denver Office of the Medical Examiner would release the teenager’s cause and manner of death.

The Denver OME said Thursday morning Aragon’s manner of death was homicide and his cause of death was “multiple sharp and blunt force injuries with a gunshot wound.”

At this time, there are no suspects and no motive for this senseless killing. Metro Denver Crime Stoppers sent out a bulletin calling for anyone with more information about Aragon’s murder to call 720-913-7867.

Our prayers are with this family.


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