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"Black Panther" and "Wakanda Forever" Actress Letitia Wright Transforms in "The Silent Twins".

If there's one thing Letitia Wright is going to do, it's show some diversity. The "Black Panther" breakout star has gone on to perform in sci-fi animation, "Ready Player One", and now the role that most are anticipating, other than her reprisal of Shuri in "Wakanda Forever", one half of "The Silent Twins". Letitia Wright and Tamara Lawrance play disturbing twins, June and Jennifer Gibbons.

Based on the best-selling book, The Silent Twins is the astounding true story of twin sisters who only communicated with one another. As a result, they created a rich, fascinating world to escape the reality of their own lives.

Check out thie trailer below.

"The SIlent Twins", directed by Agnieszka Smoczynska, will debut on September 16, 2022.


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