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Man Accused of Killing a Woman and Abducting Her Baby Killed by Police After a Lengthy Chase.

This story has more twists and turns than a hedge maze and it's just as confusing.

Yesterday evening an Amber Alert went out in Oklahoma City after a 14-month-old baby was abducted. Police say that 37-year-old Brandon Milburn allegedly killed his child's mother then fled her home with their little girl. Milburn then allegedly fatally shot a man who was found dead inside a pickup in the 2400 block of Southwest 95th Street.

There is no word on whether the woman who was shot is in any way connected to the male victim.

Milburn, on the run from the police, decided to drop his daughter off to make his escape easier and, presumably save her from harm. Zyla Milburn was found safe in Love County. Love County Sheriff Marty Grisham told KFOR the child was dropped off at the county detention center by a woman they believe to be Brandon Milburn’s aunt.

Milburn continued to evade police until early this morning. KOCO reports that shortly after 4am police officers spotted Milburn and began chasing him. The chase started near SW. 104th Street and May Avenue and ended in downtown Oklahoma City near Shartel Avenue and Main Street.

Police said the person in the vehicle being pursued exchanged gunfire with officers, and officers shot and killed the suspect.

One of the officers involved was shot and taken to a local hospital. That officer has been treated and released with non-life-threatening injuries.

Reports say that the car Milburn was driving fits the description of the silver Prius involved in an Amber Alert case for Zyla Milburn.

We are so sorry that two innocent people had to die but, we are thankful that the baby survived. As of this moment, there is no known motive.

This story is developing and we will keep you posted as more details become available.


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