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Peeing Parson Revealed to be Mega Church Pastor Daniel Chalmers!

A little more than a week ago we reported that a well-known North Carolina pastor allegedly urinated on a woman. The victim, Alicia Beverly, and her sister were returning from a "girls trip" to Las Vegas when she says she fell asleep on the flight. Beverly said that everyone on the red-eye flight was sleep when she was awakened to the feeling of something warm and wet on her body. Beverly says she turned and came face to face with a man's penis as he was urinating on her!

Beverly screamed and alerted other passengers on the flight. The man was restrained and rushed off of the flight the moment it landed. Beverly recalls feeling like a "toilet" as she had to sit in soiled clothes for the duration of the flight.

The man responsible for her distress was initially only identified as a "well-known North Carolina pastor" leaving many to speculate on who it could be. Many suspected that he wasn't a man of color because his name was kept out of public record. After a little digging we were able to rule out several area pastors just by checking their itinerary.

Eventually, the peeing parson was identified as Daniel Chalmers. Chalmers, who's the head pastor at Love Wins Ministries. Initial reports claimed that Chalmers had taken a sleep aid and had an adverse reaction to it, making him unaware of where he was.

Once Chalmers was taken into custody by the FBI he reportedly told police he “didn’t do it.” When officers asked him what he did not do, he reportedly responded, “Whatever it is she is accusing me of, I didn’t do it.” The sleep aid story didn't last long because police claim Chalmers "reeked of alcohol" and that his "eyes were bloodshot". After more questioning Chalmers finally said “I peed on her, I thought I was going to the bathroom.”

Chalmers was served with a misdemeanor and released from police custody. Hopefully Ms. Beverly presses the issue and at least gets her counseling paid for. This poor woman has been upset since it happened.


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