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Black Owned Business Develops "Heart Healthy" Salad Dressing.

Have you ever tried to cut unhealthy foods from your diet and decided to really read ingredients? My mother suffers from heart disease and trying to swap out her beloved ranch salad dressing for a healthier alternative was like the battle of Gettysburg! Other options weren't as flavorful and the fight to get her to try something new was like trying to get a toddler to eat their broccoli.

She didn't like it and I threw up my hands in defeat. I had been beaten and I knew it. I knew, deep down, that I couldn't be the only person struggling with trying to make healthier food alternatives for a loved one but, I didn't know where to look for options. . . then came Essie Marie's!

Chicago chef Itona Scott created Essie Marie's Dressing and Marinade which is heart healthy, vegan and low on salt.

Scott describes herself as a "food-preneur," a twist on the word "entrepreneur." Scott lost her mother to heart disease at a young age, which fueled her commitment to healthy eating. "At 15 years old I lost my mom to undiagnosed heart disease. As I held her hand and she could barely breath, she looked me in the eye and said, 'Make something of yourself.' This is why I created my salad dressing and marinade company," Scott said on her company's website. "This is why I used her recipes but gave them a heart healthy twist. And this is why I name the company Essie Marie's (after Mom.)" "She may have left this physical world when I was 15, but I hear her voice every day," Scott said.

Scott is the owner and chef who develops the wonderful blends used in each of Essie Marie's Dressings and Marinades. Her products are sold both online and in select stores.

If you are trying to eat healthier or, trying to make better choices for a loved one, we suggest that you give Essie Marie's a try.

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