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Little Girl's Diary Entry Leads Police to a Pedophile!

A little girl's silent plea for help actually saved the lives of other children.

Georgia police have said that the mother of a 10-year-old girl filed a police report alleging that he daughter had been the victim of a suspected sexual assault. According to the report, 46-year-old David Lee Kinnison, of Newnan, Georgia, allegedly took the young girl into a room in his residence and sexually molested her.

The child's mother says that she found out about the incident when she happened upon her daughter's diary and read it. According to the reports the young girl wrote in "great detail" about the incident prompting Georgia police to bring Kinnison in for questioning.

The child underwent a forensic interview and enough information was obtained to then arrest Kinnison.

The Georgia Gazette reports that Kinnison was arrested earlier this year, in March, on child cruelty and battery charges. A month later, his wife filed for divorce, according to online court records.

Kinnison remains in jail without bond. The investigation is still ongoing, according to police.

Honestly, all of us have to be more careful who we allow around our children. This could have been prevented.


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