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13-Year-Old Son of Filmmaker Jeri Snead-Pierre Plummets 20 Floors to His Death.

Every mother's worst fear is losing her child. Even worse is when their child presumably takes their own life.

The 13-year-old son of filmmaker and educator Jeri Snead-Pierre fell 20 floors to his death early Monday. New York authorities suspect that boy may have taken his own life. NYPD say that Matthew Pierre died shortly before 7am at the Manhattan Plaza housing complex located at 400 West 43rd Street near Ninth Avenue.

The child was found unresponsive and not wearing a shirt at the scene.

Police suspect that Pierre took his own life because they found 'cryptic messages' on his computer.

Officers say that Pierre's mother and sister were at the residence at the time of the incident.

Matthew Pierre was pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

Pierre's mother announced his passing on her Instagram saying in part "Rest in Power my handsome sweet young King!"

Manhattan Plaza is a 46-story, 1,688-unit, federally-subsidized housing tower, where, according to Hollywood Reporter, Grammy Award winner Alicia Keys was born and Oscar nominee Samuel L Jackson previously worked as a security guard.

Our prayers are with the Pierre family.


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