Cop Charged with Murder After Shooting and Killing "Good Samaritan" Who Was Breaking Up a

Just a few short months after Jonathan Price shared his experiences about being treated fairly by people of all races and not being profiled by white police officers, he was shot dead by one for doing a good deed. Jonathan Price posted on Facebook saying that "there were times I should have been detained for speeding, outstanding citations, out dated registration. . ." describing Wylie, Texas as "very racist" but saying he "never got that kind of energy" from the police.

That "energy" came over the weekend when Price tried to break up a fight at a local gas station and was killed. Witnesses and Price's family say that he approached a couple that were fighting inside of the gas station. The male immediately assaulted Price and the altercation escalated outside. They say that within minutes a Wolfe City police officer showed up and fired his service weapon. Fatally wounding Price.

One witness claims that the officer then left the scene while Price's lifeless body lay on the ground. The gas station does have surveillance cameras but has not made the footage public.

Unlike most officer involved murders, Price has received some pretty swift "pre" justice. According to reports, "Wolfe City police officer Shaun David Lucas, 22, was taken into custody over the fatal shooting of Jonathan Price who is said to have intervened when he saw a man and woman brawling inside an Exxon gas station in Wolfe City on Saturday at 8.30pm just moments before he was shot.

Within hours of his arrest, Lucas posted his $1million bond."

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized to help Price's family with burial costs and future legal expenses. The campaign's original goal of $50,000 has been met and surpassed. Price's mother, Marcella Louis, described her son as a "hero" and saying that she didn't think it was odd that he'd help break up a fight because she raised him to "help others".

This is a sad case that is all too familiar in the United States.


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