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Jenifer Lewis and Laurence Fishburne Get Their Own "Black-ish" Spin-Off, "Old-ish&quo

The nosy, meddling, aging parents that most of us have come in contact with are finally getting the glow up they deserve! A show of their own!

If you've ever seen the on-screen chemistry between Jenifer Lewis and Laurence Fishburne on "Black-ish" then you'll know that they make the perfect parental pair! Dre's parents, Earl "Pops" Johnson and Ruby Johnson, have been a crowd favorite since the show's inception and now, they're getting their own spin-off!

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "the spinoff will follow Ruby and Earl as they give love a second chance. When they move to a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of L.A., they'll meet characters who represent the old and new faces of the community as they try to make it work as a married couple. Again."

They would join the main series, black-ish, the Freeform series grown-ish and ABC's mixed-ish."

Lewis and Fishburne are no strangers either. If you're a film lover then you know they both were in the 1993 hit biopic "What's Love Got To Do With It". Fishburne played legendary musician Ike Turner and Lewis played Tina Turner's, played by Angela Bassett, mother Zelma Bullock.

Lewis recalls in her memoir "The Mother of Black Hollywood" that she was cast as Bassett's mother, even though she was only ONE year older than Bassett, because Hollywood always casts women who have "large breasts" as older. Type casting or not, we LOVED Lewis in the role and we can't wait to see what new, and undoubtedly crazy, adventures she and Fishburne get up to in "Old-ish"!

There's no word yet on a premiere date, thanks to COVID, but just knowing that this show is in the works is enough for now! Will you be watching? We will!

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