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Brooklyn Three-Year-Old Shoots His Brother, 2, and His Family Tries to Cover it Up.

This twisted tale sounds just like an episode of "The Chi" but, it's not fiction, it's all true. A two-year-old Brooklyn Park boy has died from a gunshot wound and the police believe his three-year-old brother pulled the trigger.

Police were called to an apartment in the Huntington Place area just after 7am last Thursday for reports of a child being shot. When they arrived they found the wounded toddler in the home, another child and several adults. The child's mother said that she'd been asleep when she was awakened by the sound of a gunshot. Insisting he must have shot himself.

Paramedics began providing CPR to the child who was then transported to an area hospital.

The young boy died two days later.

Brooklyn Park Deputy Police Chief Mark Bruley confirmed the investigation with CCX News.

Burley believes that the initial story that was given to police at the time of the shooting didn't line up. There was no evidence of the child having pulled the trigger. There was no gunpowder on his hands and, Burley says “It’s pretty tough for a 2-year-old to discharge a handgun, not impossible, but tough.”

"On Friday evening, Brooklyn Park police announced they arrested the child’s 20-year-old mother,Osheonia Nypre Hodges, and 57-year-old grandmother,Sherrillyn Kay Mosley. Each of them is accused of covering up the crime after the fact.

Forensic analysis will help piece together the final determination of how the boy was killed. That investigation is ongoing, Bruley said."

A third suspect, identified as the mother's 20-year-old boyfriend Keyshawn Lemont Cosey-Gray, was arrested Saturday in connection to the crime.

Bruley said the mother, boyfriend and grandmother all “conspired to conceal what happened and hide evidence of what took place.”

We understand the family trying to shield the older brother, who is almost 4, from a lengthy police investigation and scrutiny but, lying is never the way out. Now, everybody is facing charges when, at best, only one would have been.

We're praying for this family.


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