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Cab Driver Rapes 12-Year-Old Girl on Her Way to Her Grandmother's House.

A 32-year-old cab driver was arrested last night for allegedly raping a young girl in his cab.

The young girl's parents secured the independent cab for their daughter to get from their residence near Myrtle Avenue and Carlson Avenue to Ralph Avenue and Fulton Street.

The unidentified 12-year-old girl reported to New York police that she had gotten into the back seat of the man's vehicle to be transported to her grandmother's house. Her grandmother had a new bike for her and she was getting a ride over to pick it up.

Somewhere along the 3.5 mile route Rafael Martinez pulled the car over and parked it. Martinez then exited the vehicle and got into the back seat with the girl. The girls says that Martinez raped her then drove her to her destination like nothing had happened.

The girl called her parents from her grandmother's house to report the crime and they took her to Woodhull Hospital where she was examined and the police were called.

“We have enough evidence to corroborate her story. There’s both physical and electronic evidence,” a police source told New York Daily News. “You know what surprised me the most? He knew we were coming, and he waited. He stayed instead of getting on the next plane out.”

A GPS tracker confirmed the location where Martinez pulled over and parked his car. The exact location where the girl says the assault happened.

Martinez was arrested Tuesday night by the NYPD. Although he hasn't made a confession of innocence or guilt, Martinez has been charged with rape, criminal sex act, sex abuse, endangering the welfare of a child, menacing and assault.


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