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State Trooper Arrested for Forcing Woman to Perform Sex Act.

A Texas State Trooper is on the other side of the law today after reports say, he forced a woman to perform a sex act.

Lee Boykin Jr. reportedly made a traffic stop on Friday night at a motel on I-45 near West Gulf Bank Road. He was in full uniform and told the victim to get out of the vehicle she was in, leave her passenger behind, and get into his vehicle.

Boykin drove the victim to a nearby parking lot, leaving the victim's friend at the original scene, according to court documents. He then forced the victim to perform a sex act and then told her to run from the scene once it was over, court documents said.

The victim ran away from the scene and flagged down a Houston police officer at a fast food restaurant and tearfully recounted her story.

According to KHOU "When he was interviewed, Boykin told authorities he initially pulled the vehicle over for not using a blinker, according to court documents.

Boykin said he took the woman from the scene and ran her background, claiming to have found that she had an open warrant for her arrest, court documents said. After initially claiming that he dropped the victim off at a fast-food restaurant, Boykin admitted to taking the victim behind a building on the North Freeway where he asked her to perform a sex act on him, according to court documents."

Boykin insists that the act was consensual.

Officials say the process to fire Boykin has been initiated and he's been ordered to surrender all of the department's property.

He is being held in the Harris County Jail.


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