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WANTED: Pennsylvania Police Looking for Man Who Allegedly Threw a Toddler on a Highway Shoulder!

Manheim Township police are looking for a man, they say, threw a toddler from a moving vehicle!

Tyree V. Berry, 34, is wanted after an argument turned violent on Sunday.

Police say Berry, an unidentified woman and her two-year-old child were riding in a vehicle together on the highway. The woman says that they began arguing and Berry threatened to kill her multiple times.

Fearing for her safety the woman, who was driving, pulled over on the side of the road to flag down help. That's when Berry jumped out of the car and tried to remove the toddler from the backseat.

The mother says that she tried to stop Berry from taking her child from their car seat but when she did so, Berry bit her on her left index finger.

When Berry succeeded in removing the child from the car seat he "threw the baby onto the shoulder of the highway, just beyond the fog line."

The child's mother called the police but Berry was long gone before they arrived. A warrant was issued for his arrest charging him with endangering the welfare of children, simple assault, and terroristic threats.

Anyone with information about Berry’s whereabouts should call the Manheim Township Police Department at 717-569-6401.


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