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Manhattan Entrepreneur Found Beheaded and Dismembered in His Apartment.

33-year-old Fahim Saleh is described by his friends as being extremely positive and uplifting. He was a brilliant tech entrepreneur who had his whole life ahead of him.

Saleh was found dead, in his Manhattan apartment, by his sister yesterday.

Reports say that his sister went to his apartment to check on him and found him beheaded and dismembered. One passerby said that he was walking his dog when he saw the woman come out of the building lobby, crying uncontrollably and saying over and over "He doesn't have a head".

"Surveillance footage showed Saleh getting on the elevator at his building on East Houston Street, followed by a suspect in dark clothing, police sources said. The 33-year-old entrepreneur was attacked as soon as he got off on the seventh floor, which opened right into his unit, according to sources."

Saleh's arms and legs had been cut off and were in plastic bags. A saw was also found near the body. Authorities believe that his sister's welfare check interrupted the dismemberment process allowing the killer to slip out of a service exit.

A neighbor reported to police that they did hear screaming but failed to report it at the time.

"A senior NYPD official leading the investigation confirmed to NBC New York on Wednesday that the motive appeared to be financial in nature, the result of a bad business deal."

Police are scouring the area for clues and the investigation is ongoing.


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