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Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms Tests Positive for COVID-19.

We are all well aware that this country is facing two of the biggest pandemics ever in history. Dismantling the roots of racism that this country was built upon and COVID-19.

The United States was literally one of the last places to shut down and take precautionary measures and, because of that, the virus has run rampant.

Some governors have chosen to shut down their states, reopening limited businesses and some, we're looking at you Florida, have done VERY LITTLE. Now, the disease has hit home and struck one of Atlanta's own.

That's right, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance-Bottoms has tested positive for COVID-19. Lance-Bottoms took to her official Twitter account today to break the news to the public saying she "had no symptoms".

Lance-Bottoms is one of the many who are infected with the virus that say they experienced absolutely NO SYMPTOMS. In the last weeks she's been at various press conferences, always with a mask on removing it only to speak.

Listen, everyone, we have got to do our part to get this virus under control. Take precautionary measures by wearing a mask when in public, stay at least 6 feet away from people when outside, wash your hands when you change environments and take your temperature daily. For a full list of ways to prevent the spread of the virus, visit the CDC.

Our prayers are with Mrs. Lance-Bottoms. We know she can beat this!

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