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Suspect in Custody for Murdering #BLM Activist Olawutoyin Salau Admits to Sexually Assaulting Her Nu

Just one week after her body has been found, and two weeks after she'd been reported missing, more details have surfaced surrounding the final hours of activist Olawutoyin Salau. Salau had been an avid Black Lives Matter activist on the front lines in Florida when she was reported missing. Just hours before, she'd posted on Twitter that she'd been harassed and assaulted by an unknown man in a truck.

That man was never identified but, Aaron Glee Jr., would later be arrested for Salau's murder and the murder of Vicki Sims, an AARP volunteer who was also found dead with Salau.

Although their connection wasn't immediately known, Glee has since offered more details into the horrific final hours of Salau and Sims.

"Police say Glee claimed to have first met Salau — a student and protester, active in the Black Lives Matter movement — on June 6, hours after she said she was sexually assaulted by a different man. The two met at a bus stop in Tallahassee, and he claims she confided in him about the sexual assault, which she described in a series of Twitter posts.

Salau allegedly told Glee she had no place to stay, and he offered to take her back to his home, where she could bathe and sleep.

According to police, Glee called Sims, who he knew from volunteer work and who, he said, would occasionally give him rides and bring him meals. Sims picked them both up in her white Toyota sedan, and drove them to Glee's home, where she dropped them off."

Video surveillance from the area proves this portion of Glee's story to be true.

After they got to his house Glee says that Salau took a shower and, after she'd finished, he tried to have sex with her. Salau fought him off and bit him on his right forearm. Glee says that he then became angry and overpowered her and forcibly raped her then, tied her up when he was done.

Police say he admitted to "sexually assaulting her numerous times during those three to five days."

"Glee indicated that he determined that his only course of action was to end her life," reads the report. He bound her with rope, in a manner he believed would obstruct her ability to breathe, and left her in a bedroom.

"Glee explained how over the course of several hours he would re-enter the bedroom multiple times to see if [Salau] was still alive," the report says. "Ultimately, he entered into the bedroom and determined [she] was deceased."

Once he'd successfully killed Salau, Glee kidnapped Sims. He tied her up and stole her vehicle which the police found at his house stuck in the mud.

Salau was reported missing on June 6th and Sims on June 11th.

Using phone records police were able to track Sims cellphone to Glee's house where they found her body under a sheet. Salau's body was found in the woods behind Glee's home "covered in leaves".

Glee has confessed to the crimes to both his mother and authorities but has not officially made a plea in court.

49-year-old Glee is charged with two counts of murder and kidnapping and one count of sexual assault.


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