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High Schooler Admits to Killing a Woman After Learning She was Transgender.

18-year-old Orlando Perez of Chicago has been arrested after it's been revealed that he shot and killed a woman last month.

According to Chicago police, on May 31st, Perez met up with 37-year-old Selena Reyes-Hernandez, and she took Perez to her basement apartment where she revealed she was transgender.

The news angered Perez so much so that he left her home. Perez wasn't able to let the news go saying he “kept seeing her face, and it kept bothering him, and he was mad as hell.” That’s when prosecutors say he came back with a gun and shot her in the head and back. He left but returned again, firing more bullets into her chest, neck and hand.The victim’s family heard noises from the upper level of the Marquette Park home.

They later found her dead.

“The family is very very distraught,” said Chief Brendan Deenihan, with the Chicago Police Department’s detective division.

Deenihan said it is unclear if the two just met or how long they knew each other, but the case was solved quickly by accessing video from neighbors’ homes.

“Almost 37 different locations within this community that had some sort of private video cameras,” he said. “I think we were able to download about 25 different videos.”

Cameras picked up that distinct clothing that matched video taken moments earlier on the victim’s phone. Police used it to find Perez at his South Side home. There they recovered a 9mm handgun and two magazines.

Perez did confess to murdering Reyes-Hernandez and is being held without bond.

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