Planted Agitators Plague Peaceful Protests Across the Country!

With everything going on in the world in the last week or so, it's a wonder there's a brick left standing in any city.

There have been protests all across the country in support of justice for the murder of George Floyd. Many of those protests have been peaceful from the beginning and turned into something they were never intended to be. Why? I'll tell you why.

The protests have been infiltrated by "outside agitators" who have been sent in to encourage rioting and looting. I've seen it first hand and it's disturbing.

Over the weekend I participated in a peaceful march in my local city. There were hundreds of us, peacefully marching down the street, coming to a stop at our courthouse and listening to several community leaders as they spoke. While our mayor was speaking, another man, standing just off to the side with a bullhorn, began to try to over talk him. We all looked at the man, brushed him off and kept listening. He didn't look familiar, didn't "sound like us" and didn't "look like us". When asked where he was from, his reply was "Buffalo" but he'd been here for about "four months" just trying to see what "we were doing".

No one could vouch for him.

During the course of the protest, many of us noticed people who seemed to be a little more "rowdy" than we were. Some of them broke the window to a police cruiser, broke the windows on two school buildings. All in hope of encouraging others to follow their leads. What happened? They chased off or "handled" by local residents. "We don't do that here!" was the outcry from the city residents.

This isn't just the story of a sleepy, small, Ohio town. This is the story all over the country. Countless protesters have stopped people from defacing property in their cities, stopped them from breaking windows, witnessed them setting fires.

These people didn't come in cars, with local plates, to the protest like we did. They didn't come on foot. They came in vans and buses, parked in discreet areas. In my city, after arrests for breaking curfew and disorderly conflict, the tally at the end of the night spoke truth to our suspicions. One police officer stated that "the lions share" of the people arrested were from Cleveland, Detroit and Buffalo. NOT from here.

So, why would they come to a small town to tear up someone else's property? I'm glad you asked. They do this to further the narrative that all of us are bad. All of us are criminals waiting to steal. All of us are just waiting for the chance to destroy someone else's property.

That's the farthest thing from the truth. Plenty of us want peace. Only the misguided follow outside instigators.

WE DON'T DO THAT HERE and you shouldn't do it where ever you're from either.

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