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Mom Caught Her Child's Father in His New Girlfriend's Car and Sets Her OWN Car On Fire with

If love makes you do dangerous things, we don't want it!

A Columbia, South Carolina mother is behind bars today after allegedly setting her car on fire with her child inside!

Reports say that 23-year-old Caylin Watson had been in a violent rage against the father of her little boy when he came to her house in his current girlfriend's car. The child's father said that Watson came at him with a knife and he had to wrestle it from her. Watson threatened the child's father saying that she would drive her car "into the water" and kill both their son and herself.

As he was trying to drive away, Watson threw flower pots at him, cracking the windshield of the car he was driving. Watson then jumped in her car, with their son, and began chasing him and ramming his vehicle with her own.

The child's father went to the police to report her behavior and to try and gain custody of his son legally. Before his request could be honored, things got worse. As police were on their way to Watson's residence, calls came in from other deputies that the mother and child had been found and were in danger!

Four people driving on the highway saw a car, stopped on the side of the road in flames and called 911. Several witnesses got out of their cars to try and help when they saw Watson outside of her car and her young son still inside.

First responders arrived at the scene and rescued the child. Police said Watson and the baby both “smelled strongly of accelerant” and had severe burns.They were both rushed to the hospital, and the baby was then airlifted to the Augusta Burn Unit.

At last check, authorities said 14-month-old Kairon Bramsen was in critical condition.

Watson was treated for minor injuries then arrested and taken to jail.

The Columbia Police Department has charged Caylin Watson with attempted murder, first-degree arson, third-degree arson, and abuse/infliction of great bodily injury on a child.

Let's pray that this woman gets some mental health help while she's in jail. Our hearts and prayers go out to this poor innocent child that was caught up in the middle of this situation. No child deserves to be treated like this.


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